My name is Adel,

Startups are the driving force creating future jobs in most economies. However, only a few startups that survive the Valley of Death will scale up and grow into profitability. Unfortunately, many startups will crash and burn within the first five years because they cannot build their ARC (architecture, routines, and culture) while dealing with financial and customer-related pressures.I'm passionate about helping disciplined founders of tech startups build and scale their ARC to grow from revenue stage to profitability and achieve their full potential.

I help founders, including their senior leadership, gain clarity in an uncertain and noisy environment by implementing frameworks supported by routines that create a unique, resilient culture.There's no "one size fits all" solution. However, I approach the objectives we set for any company scientifically, using proven theories and principles from lean manufacturing and the latest research. When prioritizing these projects, I use an analytical, critical thinking approach to help achieve the most out of the limited resources in the company without stretching ourselves thin and ending up achieving nothing.

Before I was appointed Senior Vice President at, I was an entrepreneur, and I have the founder's scars to prove it. I founded and fundraised for four companies, in addition to investing in a few startups. I'm a generalist with a T-shaped skillset. My vertical core expertise comes from building and scaling operational structures that stick in any industry, applying the fundamental principles that have been used for years by many global leaders. I have 19 years of experience working for tech companies and an investment promotion agency in roles that include: sales, business development, economic planning, investment promotion, product development, and operations management.

My learning approach is through a science-based project-oriented problem-solving process, which allows me to keep a fresh mindset and have fun along the way. I'm also LEAD certified by Stanford Graduate School of Business and an MBA holder specializing in international business operations. If you believe we can collaborate or are just interested to know more about my work, please follow me here, on my LinkedIn profile, and my Twitter account @ScaleWithAdel.

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Helping Startup/ Scaleup Leaders implement incremental operational excellence through the SAUS (Skill-up As You Scale-up) method.